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Very good vendor. I've only bought from them once. The experience was top notch. I'm in Ontario, Canada so it was a long way to ship from Cali. I ordered the bumper threw their website with no problems. Jason Demello called me about 3 times on his dime. Once when they got the order just to comfirm everything on the order and twice more to let me know the expected shipping date and to see if it had arrived okay. It was so well packaged it took me almost an hour to unwrap it. I opted to get the Acro lights for the bumper but they were shipped separate from the bumper to avoid having them get broke. They arrived about a day after the bumper did. Thats why you don't see them in the pic. I had to get that bad boy on ASAP. Ran my own electrical. Done them so I could have them on even with the engine off. Nice to have lights if I'm stranded in the bush with an engine that won't start at night.
O7 FJ Canadian "C" package.
Demello front winch bumper.
Titan 12K winch.
Recovery gear.
More to come.
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