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Default my hot stinky build.

So I'll post more on here, with pics and what not eventually, but I figured, why not go ahead and share thus far where my FJ is at.

2007 Black Diamond FJ Cruiser
5spd auto, 4wd.
RR Locker, A-trac, inverter, Fjammer, dash gauges.

I bought her used in April 2010. She had about 45,000 miles on her. Thus far I've put about 10k on her. We were looking at some used FJ's here at the dealership, but they wanted such an obscene price we ended up looking online. I found mine in Louisville KY for $22,800 out the door. Here they wanted about $27,500 OTD.

Here she is stock. She was already leveled when I bought her.

So the first two mods I was required to do, because the one down here had them was DVD headrests and running boards. Well I didn't want running boards since they are unpractical so I jumped in on a Trail Gear group buy on another forum, and picked up a pair of sliders. For the dvd players, I could not warrant spending the close to 2k for the factory ones, so I went with some Chinese ones on ebay. I figure if they last a couple of years, they were worth it. Got them for about $300.

Next up was some Husky Floor mats. I only did front and middle, I have the thick rubber toyota mat in the back.

I was able to pick up a used (but never installed) snorkel off of a guy. It isn't the name brand one, but it is the knock off one that there have been tons of discussions over the years as to it's dependability. For what I payed for it. I think she'll work just fine. Still need to install this.

We saved up some money and then once we had enough We took the plunge buying all kinds of goodies.

In December we put on a toytec ultimate 3 inch lift kit. Also added a set of light racing upper control arms and a set of thetoyoutfitters lower control arms in the rear.

Then I sent Stan over at thetoyoutfitters some slight modification requests and he fabbed me up a new tubular front bumper.

I didn't like the 17" alloys, and wanted a 16" wheel anyways. So we ordered a set of 5 ProComp Series 87 steelies. Commonly referred to as Wheelers. They only come in black now but since I wanted a more retro look, I painted them white.

Then I needed to decide upon the tires. One reason I went with 16" wheels was because the tires are much cheaper. I wanted to go bigger, but 1. I had a budget, and 2. I didn't want to risk putting 35's in there and run the possible chance of voiding my warranty. So I decided to get some 285/75 16's. Then for the tire. After a lot of looking and reading and soul searching I went with Mickey Thompson Baja Claws. The tread is very aggressive, but yet they're not that loud heading down the highway. They are directional, which will make the event of a blowout shitty, but oh well.

Sorry for the crappy cell phone pics;

Yes the back of my roof rack is busted (parking garage, cooler strapped to roof, stupid me) and yes, I still have christmas lights up top.

Well that is it thus far. I'll recap.

Husky floor liners
Knock off Dvd headrests
Trail Gear Sliders
Toytec Ultimate 3" lift
Light Racing UCA
TheToyOutfitters rear LCA
Procomp series 87 Steelies (painted white)
Mickey Thompson Baja Claws 285/75 R16
TheToyOutfitters custom front bumper

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