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When are you two just gonna do it already? This will they won't they crap is getting old!

Originally Posted by Capt Sensible View Post
Definitely more than an OME setup (like Tom is running) but they're adjustable. If Tom starts adding to much stuff, he'll need to start replacing his springs. I'm not sure if he'll have to replace the actual shock.
I've got the mediums up front, which is the heaviest ARB recommends for the FJ. My plan was to buy an ARB bumper from a local Atlanta member but I am waffling now cos I am really liking the way my rig is looking and I am not sure how much I like the ARB bumper on AG. It is an incredible deal though and includes a winch. So anyway, I should be pretty good with weight up front for awhile. I got the lights in the back cos I don't haul around a ton of crap. I could have to upgrade that someday if I start hauling more crap.

I got some LR UCA's but the guy at ACC Toyota where I had the lift installed said I wasn't going to get any benefit from them so I decided to sell them and recoup that money. The FJ handles so much better with the lift. Even with the mediums up front and no aftermarket bumper the ride is nice. Not as cushy as stock of course, but the stock ride is a tad too cushy if you ask me

Oh and from what I understand you just need to replace the springs on an OME setup like mine.
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