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Originally Posted by JackRabbit_Slim View Post
We need a big red MUST READ section for FJ owners that discusses the problems of never using their 4WD... I read the same complaints day after day in the blue room where guys who've never used their 4WD in 3 years try to use it and it doesn't work or it's stiff as hell... READ THE MANUAL... But seriously you have to use it or unfortunately you'll lose it.. I've used mine from day one and it's butter smooth and works great... But the actuator that engages 4WD can shit the bed or get stuck if it isn't used for long enough... 10 miles a month is enough and I know that can be difficult for some people... But hey, when you buy a 4WD vehicles it's generally because you need it... If you can't find somewhere to engage your 4WD at least once a month then you're driving the wrong vehicle... Okay.. I'm stepping down from my soap box now. Thank you.
You are correct, but I must say you reminded me of 40 Year Old Virgin when he's like "Is it true if you don't use it, you lose it?" lmao!
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